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Sleepy Kitten

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1-4: A Wet Interruption Ⅰ

published on 2019-02-05 written by 0xReki

A few hours later I’m rudely awakened from sleep: water gets splashed into my face. Hastily, I open my eyes. A jumping pink slime comes into my view. Behind it, there is another slime. That one is a blue one. It spits some more water into my face.

“OK! OK! I’m awake.”

I try to get up. I hit my head. Ouch! The ceiling is still too low. I roll outside and stand up. How nice! Another Slime has come to play with my Slime. I wonder why my Slime seems so restless though. Then it hits me! Why is that blue Slime so friendly to me? I’m not a Slime! Or is it trying to attack me with that water?* I remember I have an interface. My HP is at 100% so I don’t even take any damage! So does this even count as being attacked? It continues to spit water at me. It feels the same a the water pressure from a shower head. Maybe I should tame it and use it as a shower head replacement!


So did it work? As an answer, I get splashed with water once again.


Again, I get shot with water. Why isn’t working? I should check before I make it so angry it actually kills me!

Monster: Lesser Water Slime
enraged: cannot be tamed for 30 minutes; any further attempt of taming in this time doubles the effect time.


  • Water Spurt

Oh, damn it! So what do I do now? Should I run? Where to run to anyway?! Besides, I still don’t seem to take much damage from it. So maybe I should just wait until the timer runs out and try capturing it again. Since the blue Slime doesn’t seem to want to stop I should just make the most out of it. Let’s go to the lake and take a bath! I’m sure you’ll come along, Shower! Yeah, I should call the blue Slime Shower as soon as I successfully capture it. I still need a name for my pink Slime though…