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Sleepy Kitten

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1-3: Securing a Base Ⅱ

published on 2019-02-04 written by 0xReki

Monster: Slime
Name:     (unnamed)
Tamed by: Swift Lynx

Success! Now I need a name…

“What should I call you?”

While I was thinking about how to name my new companion the Slime comes closer. Does it want more food?

“OK, you can have more sand! Hop on!”

I need to move further away from the shore. I pick up the slime and put on my head. Usually, I would have put it on my shoulder but I’m too small! I move several meters away from the shore and begin casting the GRIND Spell again. This time I imagined a block of stone the size of the hall of the apartment in my previous life of a turning into sand.


But before I can touch the wall to make something happen the slime has jumped onto my arm. My fist hits the wall. It hurts. What has happened to the spell? It feels like the Slime is thanking me for the food. So it has absorbed my spell.

“Did you just eat my spell?! This won’t do! I need to build some cover. So you need to put up with sand for now.”

So I try again and it works! Though I have only turned about a small cube to sand. A whole corridor at once is too much!

“Can you get rid of the sand?”

I’m half expecting the slime to be too full to comply. But it still hops to the sand and absorbs it. Having forgotten to name the slime and with the previous result in mind I proceed to cut out cubes from the wall. By noon, I have only finished a small hole barely big enough for me to lie down in it. Man, I’m tired! It haven’t progressed as much as I want it to. Well, at least I have a weatherproof shelter for now. I stretch and lie down to have a little nap.

Ambient Music: Heart of Nowhere

Heart of Nowhere by Kevin MacLeod is licensed unter CC-BY 4.0