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I Got Mail?!

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I think of opening the mail I got.


Sender:  Unknown Sender
Subject: Welcome to this world!

Dear Swift,

I do hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am sorry to say that, as you have probably noticed, you have died.

But rejoice, and welcome to this world! You have been reincarnated as a twelve year Chitwer Ailurantrope.

No need to worry about the hero thing. As long nobody else knows about it you should be fine. Probably.

Enclosed in this mail there is some proviant and basic gear to get you started in this world.

Have fun living in this world! Try not to die so quickly. It would be quite a hassle to re-roll your parameters.

Attached Items

  • Choice Box of Clothes
  • Set of Basic Tools
  • Choice Box of Basic Weapons
  • 30× Choice Box of Grade 1 Food
  • 10× Choice Box of Grade 3 Food
  • Choice Box of Grade 6 Food
  • Choice Box of Grade 10 Food
  • Red Envelope

Died? So this isn’t a dream?! All this is real?! Well, since it already happened there’s nothing I can do about it. Contrary to what my menu said before, I’m twelve years old here. What’s this “Try not to die so quickly. It would be quite a hassle to re-roll your parameters.” at the end of the mail?! That’s definitely raising some flags! I don’t want to die that fast! Yep, I’m definitely not telling anyone about being a hero. If nobody knows about me being a hero I won’t be forced to do dangerous stuff!

Before I even have the chance to worry about it, I hear something in the distance. I notice some activity in my log: “Skill: Danger Sense acquired.” I think that’s a really useful skill! I mindlessly put points into that skill, maxing it out. As soon as I have done that I feel a really nasty feeling of cold coming down my spine. Very nasty.

I should run away. Really fast.

Running away from whatever it is, I follow the river downstream. I see small animals fleeing the same way. Looks like I’m at least running in the right direction. Suddenly, the animals climb up a tree and use the branches to flee to the other side of the river. And what do I do?! I’m too heavy for those branches! The creature everyone is fleeing from is coming closer. I can already see what it is.

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