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Sleepy Kitten

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1-2: Securing a Base Ⅰ

published on 2019-02-03 written by 0xReki

I think being around other people is a drag so it’s convenient the lake was located next to a cliff. It’d be perfect if I could build a shelter here! Yeah, I’d like to have at least several rooms: a kitchen, a bath and most important of all a bedroom! But do I even have some skill to create one?

I hope my game interface would give me some help but nothing happened. Well, that was worth a try. So… what about digging or crafting?

Spell: GRIND
Basic Earth Magic
This Spell turns stone into sand.

Hmm, that would certainly help with digging, but moving all the sand could become a problem. Anyway, I should at least create some cover for sleeping. Now how do I use that spell? Do just think of it? I walk towards the cliff. I imagine turning some rock of the wall to sand. It didn’t seem to work.


Some sand fell to the floor. I notice me smiling. I continue with the GRIND Spell. Is it just me or is this a little bit slow? Frustrated I punch the wall. To my complete surprise, a hole opens in the wall with sand falling to the floor. The hole was spherical and about the size of my hand. I notice the sand on the floor is getting wet really quickly.

Gosh, that was a shock! So I’m supposed to punch the wall whilst using the GRIND Spell?! Well, it’s no use now since the sand is getting wet. When I’m not bathing or showering I absolutely hate getting my feet wet! So, this place is no good. I need to get further away from the lake shore. While pondering what to next I notice a presence behind me. I quickly turn around to see who or what it is. It’s a Slime.

A pink slime. I have seen that kind slime before! It looks exactly like the slimes from another MMO I played before. Even if they have generally been useless pets I have always captured one to keep. Sometimes it would eat other player’s loot. What is it doing now? I watch the slime: it hops past me toward the sand. It seems to absorb the sand. Great! If I can somehow make this slime to help me I don’t need to take care of sand. Can I tame it? I don’t even have Apple Juice on me!

Neutral Magic
If accepted by a monster that monster can be tamed. Successful taming will achieve a mental link to the monster. Failure can draw animosity of the monster.

Nice! Pets are always helpful! Even when the monsters were not strong people would still want them if they were cute.


Did it work? Did it work? Or should I prepare to run?

Ambient Music: Heart of Nowhere

Heart of Nowhere by Kevin MacLeod is licensed unter CC-BY 4.0