Checking Out my Skills for the First Time

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If this is a dream it doesn’t matter that much what I do but I should be checking out what kind of skills I have nonetheless.

Character Info: Swift

Race:Chitwer Ailurantrope


  • Hatchling Hero

Status +

  • Strength: 9
  • Agility: 5
  • Vitality: 5
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Luck: 9

Traits & Blessings

  • Adaptability
  • Menu: Basic UI
  • Menu: Glossary
  • Obsessive Learning
  • Quick Learning

Skills +

  • Enhanced Health Lv. 0
  • Enhanced Mana Lv. 0
  • Enhanced Stamina Lv. 0

On first glance, I guess Menu: Basic UI must refer to my MMO interface. I seem to have some unspent points for my status and skills. I shouldn’t be spending them anything this time since I don’t know anything about this place yet. Spending points on the wrong status just makes everything so much harder. I still remember the games that became unplayable because the games weren’t prepared to deal with the choices I made. All the more if it was a game where you couldn’t reset the status points. The skills Enhanced Health, Enhanced Mana and Enhanced Stamina — all of those sound really enticing, but I should postpone the choice of what to level to later.

The status attributes do remind me of a certain 2.5D MMO1 I used to play. I hear a ringing sound but I can’t make out where it comes from. Very unusual for a ringing sound, it doesn’t seem to come from anywhere particular. No matter where I look it’s always the same ringing every few minutes. Am I hallucinating? In the bottom corner, eventually, I see the message my log: “You got new mail.” An envelope icon in another corner of my interface is blinking. Yes, I’m way too used to ignoring my UI. So I got new mail.