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Sleepy Kitten

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1-1: I'm A Potato Cat

published on 2019-02-02 written by 0xReki

Item: Maple Leaf
A Leaf from a Sugar Maple Tree.

Surprised by the sudden pop-up I drop the leaf. Come think of it, I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t noticed that interface at the edge my vision yet. I guess I’m just too used to gaming. Let’s check out that interface later. I look around. There’s a lake nearby with blue clear water. Let’s go there, I feel somewhat thirsty.

Trying to scoop up some water I realize my hands seemed somewhat smaller than they should be. I look at the lake and my jaw simply drops.

I look like I’m 10! But I have… cat ears?! Black furry cat ears!! So I’m a catling now?! I have a game interface so I might as well check if it out. Do I even have a character window?

As soon as I think of it the window appeared.

Character Info: Swift Lynx
A 10-year old Hebanu Ailurantrope boy.

So I’m 10 years old here. What on earth are Hebanu and Ailurantropes?! As to answer my question two new windows appear.

Race: Hebanu
A childlike race. Grown Hebanus are about the same height as 10-year-old Humans. They are blessed with Luck. Hebanus can be quite obsessive with their talents. Due to that obsessiveness, they improve their talents faster can achieve higher masteries at those talents than other races. That obsessiveness is also the reason they usually are seen as not that sociable.

I don’t mind playing the childlike race in that game but it’s an entirely different thing to become one! Having been average Asian I have been already smaller than average Caucasian and I have always been quite conscious of it. Damn my colleagues! Why do they always put my stuff up on the shelves that I can’t reach without a ladder! But I digress. This is a whole new level of short!

Race: Ailurantrope
A werecat race. Aside from featuring feline ears and tail they mostly don’t differ much from Humans. They are blessed with Strength. Due to excellent reflexes and instincts, they can adapt quickly. Other races see that growth with both envy and malevolence.

So I am really a potato cat!

Ambient Music: Heart of Nowhere

Heart of Nowhere by Kevin MacLeod is licensed unter CC-BY 4.0