Book 01: Life in Avan Forest

Interwoven Heptagram
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The Interwoven Heptagram


  1. Prologue: The Bus Factor
  2. Oh! I’m a Potato Cat!
  3. Checking Out My Skills for the First Time
  4. I Got Mail?!
  5. Gold Kuikagel
  6. Alfred J. Kuikagel
  7. I’m so Overpowered!
  8. The Witch of the Divine Tree
  9. Lesson β… : Keeping up Appearances
  10. Lesson β…‘: Herbology
  11. Eisal Village and One Very Hyper Boy
  12. The New Guy in Eisal Village
  13. Rushing to Eisal Village in the Morning
  14. Lesson β…’: Lunch Duty and Affinity to Magic
  15. Affinity to Magic β€” the Multicoloured Galaxy
  16. Lesson β…’a: Mana Perception and Mana Control
  17. Our First Lesson in Magic!!
  18. Lesson β…’b: Mana Perception
  19. Currency, Time Units and Duodecimal Numbers
  20. Lesson β…’c: Mana Manipulation and Talking About Skills
  21. Lesson β…£: Hunting with Archery and Traps
  22. The Coming of Age Hunt β…