Volume 01: Life in Avan Forest

Adventures & Daily Life of a Sleepy Catboy

Sleepy Kitten Volume 1: Cover Art
Sleepy Kitten Volume 1 Cover Art by Chordatal

Swift wakes up in an unfamiliar forest. What awaits him there?


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


  1. Prologue — The Bus Factor
  2. Oh! I'm A Potato Cat!
  3. Checking Out my Skills for the First Time
  4. I Got Mail?!
  5. Gold Plumel
  6. Alfred Jodocus Plumel
  7. Checking the Status Again: I'm So Overpowered!
  8. The Witch of the Divine Tree
  9. Lesson Ⅰ — Keeping up Appearances
  10. Lesson Ⅱ — Herbology Basics
  11. Eisal Village and One Very Hyper Boy
  12. The New Guy in Eisal Village
  13. Rushing to Eisal Village in the Morning
  14. Lesson Ⅲ — Lunch Duty and Affinity to Magic
  15. Affinity to Magic — the Multicoloured Galaxy
  16. Lesson Ⅲa — About Mana Perception and Mana Control
  17. Our First Lesson in Magic!!
  18. Lesson Ⅲb — Mana Perception
  19. Currency, Time Units and Duodecimal Numbers
  20. Lesson Ⅲc — Mana Manipulation and Talking About Skills
  21. Lesson Ⅳ — Hunting with Archery and Traps
  22. The Coming of Age Hunt Ⅰ
  23. The Coming of Age Hunt Ⅱ
  24. The Coming of Age Hunt Ⅲ
  25. Presenting the Big Game Ⅰ
  26. Presenting The Big Game Ⅱ
  27. Presenting The Big Game Ⅲ
  28. Presenting The Big Game Ⅳ
  29. Creating Original Magic
  30. How to Train a Plumel
  31. Preparations For Departure