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Welcome to the Homepage of Sleepy Kitten. An ongoing Web Novel/Fiction/Serial by 0xReki!

Sleepy Kitten Volume 1: Cover Art
Sleepy Kitten Volume 1 Cover Art by Chordatal


I try to post the latest Chapter at least once every fortnight (on Tuesday). If for any reason I’m more productive, there’ll be more updates.


Are you new to the site? Start with the 1st Chapter. Are you a returning reader? Continue where you left off.


  1. Life in Avan Forest
  2. Adventures in Sitnalta

Log of Big Changes to Sleepy Kitten

This only contains big/retroactive changes. No updates on new chapters! Follow my social media for that.


I changed the layout of page to CSS Grid. This should make the page even faster and easier to maintain. The change saved about 40% in SASS code. I don’t know how the page would look for legacy browers. (And I don’t care. It’s been two years since all browsers support CSS Grid!)


I finished beating on CSS & JS so a somewhat decent PDF drops from my pipeline. It’s still not perfect. But to fix that I either have to fix webkit or rewrite everything in LaTeX. Both things I don’t like doing…

But I digress, the Paperback Version is available on Amazon!


I finished revising volume 1 and… Sleepy Kitten 1: Life in Avan Forest (eBook Version) is already available on Amazon!

Why should you buy it there when you can read it here for free? It has additional details about the world of Sleepy Kitten! Plus, you support this little project of mine. Also, I’m trying to get the print version done, though that might take a while. If you’re that determined not to spend money, at least spend some time and comment on the latest chapter you read.


I changed Kuikagel to Plumel. It sounds better. Of course, I changed that everywhere.


I finally fixed my privacy banner. Flexboxes are really useful. Also, I can finally sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing. Just had spent too much time with Amazon support to back my account.


I got the art I commissioned! Shout out to Chordatal. Thanks again for tanking the commission.


I’m finally done with volume 1! And I have so many ideas for volume 2… Stay tuned! Maybe I should try and get volume 1 to Amazon.

EDIT: I need to get back into my Amazon account before I can join Kindle Direct Publishing.


With each chapter I’m driving myself into a corner. And now it crashed. Hard. It just reads like a cheap copy of another novel. To recover, I need to repivot. I need to remove all chapter but the first few. Maybe the ideas are return in later chapters.


First chapter is out! Now I need to continue writing!

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