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Sleepy Kitten Homepage

Welcome to the Homepage of Sleepy Kitten. An ongoing Web Novel by 0xReki!


I try to post the latest Page at least once every fortnight (on Tuesday). If for any reason I’m more productive, there’ll be more updates.

Sleepy Kitten

Interwoven Heptagram
Placeholder until someone makes a proper cover image:
The Interwoven Heptagram

Meet Swift who just got reincarnated as a 10-year-old catling after a traffic accident. Having just woken up in a new world with no real explanation, our kitten shows he lacks any common sense whatsoever while he tries to cope with his situation as good as he can: being alone in the middle of nowhere, with no shelter, no food β€” but with a kind of gaming interface and his no so helpful knowledge from playing MMOs. A good start into an adventure!


  1. Life in Avan Forest